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Will creation is an essential aspect of estate planning. All people should have a will in place, regardless of how many assets they have in their name. Additionally, wills must be constructed carefully to ensure they’re legally valid and enforceable. Even the smallest misstep can result in a will being contested in court.

While you can create a will on your own, you’re taking a huge risk doing so. DIY wills leave much room for error, which is why having an attorney’s help is recommended. Walk-In Wills provides legal guidance afforded by a licensed attorney in a calm and relaxed office environment. We take the proper steps to create your will in as little time as possible. We also make sure your specific situation is reflected in the document, as well as lending a hand with other estate planning processes.

What Can a Will Do?

Wills dictate what you’d like done with property and assets after you’re gone. This involves naming beneficiaries, who will be in receipt of your assets as specified in the document. Wills can also be used to disinherit family members, which should be stated explicitly to prevent it from being contested later. Wills also allow you to establish guardianship for minor children in your care. If you and your spouse both die at the same time, established guardianship ensures your children have a safe and loving home.

What Can’t a Will Do?

Wills can’t accomplish everything, which is why many people also use trusts in their estate plans. For example, wills don’t avoid probate. However, an effective will can make the probate process much smoother. Wills can only contain assets that are solely held. If you co-own property with your spouse, that property will be distributed to your spouse upon your death. Also, wills don’t override beneficiary designations on life insurance policies and retirement accounts.

Should Wills Be Updated?

Life involves a lot of twists and turns. Accordingly, your will must be updated when your life undergoes major changes. A new marriage or divorce calls for a will update, as does the birth or adoption of a new child. If you experience an influx of money, or a massive shortfall, it’s worth reviewing your will to determine whether it’s still suitable. It’s also recommended that you look at your will every few years or so just to make sure it still applies.

What Other Estate Planning Tools Are Available?

The attorneys at Walk-In Wills can help you establish an effective will to protect your estate and your family. However, we also offer other estate planning services:

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