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Understanding the Mesa Probate Process

Estate planning is often complex, which is why you must have reliable legal guidance. Proper support is especially important during probate, and our team at Walk-In Wills uses more than two decades of experience to guide our clients.

Serving residents of Mesa, AZ, as well as surrounding areas like Glendale and Tempe, we help clients develop solid, legally binding wills that best reflect their wishes. We can also provide information on the probate process, which entails proving a will’s authenticity and distributing assets.

What Happens During Probate?

While the details vary greatly from estate to estate, probate usually involves the following steps:

Filing a Petition

Your executor must file a petition with the court, which usually entails providing the death certificate and will. However, other documents may also be required depending on the details of your estate. 

Proving the Will Is Valid

This step ensures that the will was created according to Arizona state law and that the document did not result from undue influence or coercion by any third parties. 

Notifying Relevant Parties

Next, the executor must send notices to heirs named within the will, as well as creditors or any other entities that are owed money by the deceased. 

Accounting for All Assets

A comprehensive listing of all assets must be created. Assets can include homes, vehicles, financial accounts, life insurance policies, stocks, and retirement funds, among many others. 

Settling Outstanding Debt

Proceeds from the estate can be used to settle any outstanding debt. This includes any taxes owed for property. 

Dispersing Assets to Heirs

Once all outstanding debt has been settled, the heirs named within the will can receive their inheritances according to the terms of the document.

We Help Clients Make Sense of Probate

Our estate planning attorneys at Walk-In Wills are integral to the will creation process, but we can also lend a hand during probate to ensure your executor has the essential support they need. With our assistance, you can rest assured that your assets are in good hands after you’re gone.

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