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Mesa Will Creation

Wills are an essential tool when it comes to managing your estate after you’re gone. Without a will in place, your assets will be dispersed according to the laws in your state, which might mean that your heirs don’t receive them in the manner you intend.

For more than two decades, Walk-In Wills has provided reliable estate planning assistance to clients throughout the southwest. We proudly serve people in Mesa, AZ, as well as surrounding areas like Casa Grande, Peoria, and Gilbert.

In addition to helping you make the best decisions regarding your assets, we take the time to explain estate planning tools and the many benefits they provide.

Who Needs a Will?

Virtually everyone should have a last will and testament in place. The document is crucial if you have a family, but anyone with a moderate number of assets should create a will to provide directives on who should receive what.

For example, homeowners can decide who receives their property in the event of their death. You can also pass along money, financial accounts, life insurance policies, and other assets to heirs after you’re gone. In many cases, heirs are family members, but they can also be friends, co-workers, and charities. 

Which Elements Must Be Included?

In order for a will to be legally binding, it must include certain key elements:

  • Your name and where you live
  • Whether you’re married and have children
  • A listing of your assets
  • Directives on how assets should be distributed
  • Information on guardianship of minors
  • Name of the executor and their duties

Some people also choose to include no contest provisions, which state that any heir who contests a portion of the will receives nothing. While Arizona allows such clauses, they may be considered unenforceable if the heir had probable cause for their actions.

Can You Make a Will on Your Own?

It is possible to create your own will, but doing so can backfire tremendously. For instance, an oversight in the document can lead to it becoming invalidated. It can also result in your heirs not receiving your assets how you intend.

Because the stakes are so high, our team at Walk-In Wills urges you to access professional legal assistance when creating this and other estate planning documents. Our attorneys provide quality legal services that rival larger firms, but within a relaxed and stress-free environment.

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