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Healthcare Power of Attorney

While it might be an unpleasant subject to consider, how can you rest assured that your wishes regarding medical treatment will be fulfilled if you’re incapacitated? One way to ensure your wishes are honored is by creating a healthcare power of attorney, and our team at Walk-In Wills can help you navigate the process.

A healthcare POA is a legal document that allows a person you designate to make medical decisions on your behalf if you’re unable to. These individuals can confer with doctors and family members to ensure your wishes are honored when it comes to medical care. Without a POA, your family may be left making decisions, which can be an immense burden in an already stressful situation.

When Medical POAs Take Effect

Imagine that you’re in a serious accident and are unable to communicate. Or perhaps you’ve experienced a terminal illness that has left you incapacitated. Conditions like dementia can also impact your ability to make medical decisions, leading to conflict and confusion among family members.

These situations are all examples of when a healthcare POA would be essential. When it comes to questions about treatment, your personal healthcare representative would step in and communicate your wishes. That way, you can rest assured that medical personnel will make decisions in your best interest.

Why They’re Crucial to Your Peace of Mind

Family members may not agree with your desires when it comes to medical care. For instance, you may choose to forgo life-preserving treatments like mechanical ventilation or cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. If your loved ones do not agree with your decisions, and you have no medical POA in place, they may make decisions that counter your wishes.

Even well-intentioned family members might not know how to proceed. This situation is extremely stressful for loved ones, who will want to make decisions you agree with but might not know how. Fortunately, a medical POA will be guided by your own personal directives and can make decisions on your behalf, including:

  • The types of treatments you undergo
  • Which doctors provide care to you
  • Where you receive medical care (i.e., specific hospitals and clinics)
  • Whether you receive a life-saving surgery or procedure

These decisions can be challenging to make, especially in a stressful situation. By deciding matters on your own and naming a personal representative to communicate them, you can ease your family’s suffering while also ensuring your wishes are respected.

We Can Help Create a Healthcare POA

Along with the many other estate planning services we provide in Chandler, AZ, Walk-In Wills can also assist you in establishing a medical POA.

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