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Practice Areas

The legal process is often intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be when you have the right support. Here at Walk-In Wills, we offer a wide range of essential legal services in a stress-free environment.

With over two decades of experience behind us, we can help clients in Chandler, AZ with a wide range of estate planning issues, from the creation of trusts to navigating probate. And unlike other firms, our clients can rest assured that our legal services are available at a reasonable price, as every person deserves dependable assistance when planning for the future.

Types of Legal Services We Provide

When you collaborate with our firm, you will receive trusted legal guidance in the following areas:

Will and Trust Creation
A last will and testament is the cornerstone to any reliable estate plan. We’ll make sure your will covers all the essential topics and fully adhere to the relevant laws in Arizona. We can also help with trust creation, which is another useful estate planning tool that offers greater control over your assets and how they’re distributed.

Medicaid Planning
In the event you need Medicaid benefits to access vital healthcare, we can help you organize your estate in such a way that you remain eligible for these funds. Doing so ensures you receive optimal healthcare without concerns about cost.

Probate Court
Probate is an expensive and time-consuming process that involves locating assets, contacting creditors, and finally, dispersing assets to loved ones. Our firm can help you avoid costly probate issues by developing a solid will that can easily pass through probate court.

Other Estate Planning Services
Along with the above services, we also help clients create limited liability companies to minimize the taxes levied against an estate. This estate planning method is particularly beneficial for people with lots of assets. We can also provide information on incorporation by reference, which ensures that documents referenced by your will are valid for the purposes of estate planning.

Estate Planning Services You Can Trust

Many people avoid estate planning due to the expense and complications often associated with the process. Our attorneys at Walk-In Wills understand this trepidation, but we also know what can happen when a person puts off estate planning.
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