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Probate Preparation

In Arizona, all large estates are subject to probate court, which determines a will’s validity and entails other important duties. Large estates are defined as any with real estate holdings that exceed $100,000, and personal property that exceeds $75,000 in value.

While the estate’s executor will be responsible for handling matters related to probate after a person dies, it’s natural to have concerns about the process when conducting estate planning while still alive. Accordingly, hiring a probate attorney is highly recommended. In Chandler, AZ, Walk-In Wills offers dependable legal assistance for a range of estate planning matters. We can also make sure our clients are fully prepared for the probate process, which minimizes the risk of conflict.

A Solid Will Is Key to a Stress-Free Probate Process

During probate, four important tasks must take place:

  • The court must prove the will’s validity
  • Heirs and creditors must be notified
  • Outstanding debt must be settled
  • Heirs must receive their inheritances

The best way to ensure is smooth process is to create a solid and legally binding will. A well-crafted will is less likely to encounter snags in court and is also less likely to be contested by disgruntled heirs. Along with making sure language within the will is clear and concise, you must also make sure that the will adheres to pertinent laws in Arizona.

How to Prepare for Probate Court

An attorney can also assist the will’s executor, which is the person who must carry out the duties required by probate court. For instance, the executor will need certain documents to file a petition, such as the last will and testament and death certificate. The executor will also need information on heirs and creditors in order to properly notify them.

Then there’s the matter of locating and assessing assets, including tangible and intangible items. Approaching these duties with knowledge and information can make for a smoother process overall. With an attorney’s assistance, the executor’s job becomes much less complicated, and the chance of a serious mistake or oversight is significantly lower.

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