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Family Trust

Along with wills, trusts are another essential estate planning tool that offers many benefits. Family trusts are one option to consider that can provide extensive peace of mind after you’re gone.

Over the last two decades, Walk-In Wills has provided reliable assistance to clients with estate planning questions. We also help families set up trusts that ensure their loved ones receive assets in the correct manner.

By creating a family trust, you ensure your loved ones have easy access to assets after you’re gone. Family trusts also offer a few key benefits that may be applicable to your situation.

Why Should You Consider a Family Trust?

Not all people require family trusts, but they can be highly beneficial in certain situations:

  • Avoiding Probate – Unlike wills, assets held in family trusts pass directly to heirs. That means you can avoid the legal fees associated with probate, while also ensuring a less time-consuming process.
  • Exerting More Control Over Assets – With a trust, you can establish rules regarding inheritance. For example, you can insist that money is dispersed over a period of time instead of all at once.
  • Keeping Your Estate Private – Wills are public knowledge, while a family trust is not. That means you can keep your information private, which can benefit your heirs greatly.

A family trust can also benefit you while you’re alive in the event you become incapacitated. In this case, the person you assign to manage the trust will ensure you’re taken care of financially.

How Are Family Trusts Created?

Creating a family trust is complex, and making an error can hamper the process when it comes time for your heirs to receive assets. That’s why you must consult with an attorney to create a solid and binding family trust. An experienced attorney will make certain a trust is funded correctly and that the terms meet your needs when it comes to asset distribution.

How Can an Attorney Assist You During the Process?

Our skilled team of estate planning attorneys at Walk-In Wills have more than two decades of experience behind us. That means our legal guidance rivals the quality of high-end firms without the high price tag and stressful process.

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