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Setting up a Trust

Along with will creation, trusts are an important estate planning tool that can protect both your assets and your heirs. The process for establishing a trust entails many steps, and performing these steps correctly is key to ensuring your estate planning wishes are honored after you’re gone.

That’s precisely where Walk-In Wills comes in, as we offer clients the benefit of more than 20 years of experience. Along with helping you create a comprehensive estate plan, we’re also happy to answer your questions and provide information on trusts and how they’re created.

Benefits of a Trust

Unlike wills, trusts bypass probate court. That means heirs will receive your assets at a much faster rate, since they won’t need to wait for the probate process to be completed. However, you can also create the trust to disperse assets according to your wishes. For instance, you might choose to distribute an inheritance over a period of time, instead of all at once.

If you create an irrevocable trust, you’ll also have some protection from taxes and creditors. While these trusts can’t be changed during a person’s lifetime, they are beneficial for people with more wealth and larger estates. Trusts also keep the details of your estate private, which is not the case with wills.

Steps for Creating a Trust

If you and your estate planning attorney determine that a trust suits your unique situation, you must then undertake the following steps:

  • Choose a trust that’s appropriate for your needs
  • Complete the trust document
  • Make the trust official according to state laws
  • Create a trust account
  • Fund the trust by placing assets into it

While these steps appear straightforward, trust creation can often be complex. That’s why you must have a reliable estate planning attorney to assist you with the process, which can offer substantial peace of mind.

How to Determine If a Trust Is Right for You

Not everyone needs to include a trust in their estate plan, but our team at Walk-In Wills can help you decide whether one is suitable for your situation. We will also take the time to explain the different types of trusts and the benefits they offer to help you make the right decision.

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