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Last Will

Having a will in place not only provides peace of mind for your family, but it also ensures that your final wishes are carried out regarding your estate. Here at Walk-In Wills, we’ve helped our clients make smart estate planning decisions since 2003.

We offer all the benefits of a high-end firm, but we strive to provide our clients with affordable services in a low-stress environment. Because wills are an essential aspect of estate planning, we want to ensure a complete understanding of these important documents.

Crucial Elements to Include in Your Will

While our skilled estate planning attorneys will be there to guide the will creation process in Chandler, AZ, you should also understand which elements must be included in the document:

Official Declaration

A will must explicitly state testamentary intent, which establishes that the document is indeed a last will and testament. Your attorney will ensure that your will includes the correct language to effectively establish testamentary intent according to the law.

A Listing of Assets

Assets include tangible items like real estate, vehicles, works of art, jewelry, and any other physical items of value you wish to leave to your beneficiaries. Assets can also be intangible, which includes financial accounts, life insurance policies, cryptocurrency, and any other assets that have value but are not available in a physical form.

Information on Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries are the people you choose to leave assets to. They’re often family members, such as spouses, children, siblings, and parents. They can also be friends, co-workers, or even charitable organizations.

Naming of an Executor

An executor is the person you select to ensure the terms of your will are satisfied after you’re gone. This person is instrumental in locating assets, paying creditors, filing tax returns, and distributing assets to beneficiaries according to the directives contained in the will.

Guardianship Appointment

If you have minor children in your care, you must name a guardian in your will. This person will assume responsibility for your children in case the unthinkable happens, while also managing their finances until they reach a legal age. Guardians can also be named for adult children unable to care for themselves due to disability, as well as ailing parents that you currently care for.

State laws in Arizona also require that wills are signed by at least two witnesses who were there for the testator’s (i.e., the person who made the will) signing.

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