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Power of Attorney

While it may be unpleasant to think about, becoming incapacitated by illness or injury can cause major issues within your life. That’s why it’s so crucial to create a power of attorney, which is a document that enables you to name another person to handle your affairs when you’re unable.

Here at Walk-In Wills, we like to highlight that estate planning not only benefits our clients after they’re gone. Certain tools, such as powers of attorney, provide substantial peace of mind while you’re still alive. As a result, they must play a role in your estate plan.

Types of Powers of Attorney

Powers of attorney can be used to cover different types of decisions. A financial power of attorney allows another person to handle your financial affairs when you’re incapable of doing so. For instance, a person will be able to access funds to pay bills, or even participate in a real estate transaction. This ensures that your financial status remains good while you’re unable to handle things on your own.

A power of attorney can also allow a person to make medical decisions on your behalf. In the event you’re hospitalized, and your loved ones dispute the care you wish to receive, a healthcare power of attorney provides you the authority to ensure their wishes are carried out.

A power of attorney can also be general or durable. With the general version, the other party loses authority once you become incapacitated. With a durable power of attorney, a person can continue making decisions on your behalf even after incapacitation has occurred.

How to Choose a Representative

Because the person you choose will have so much authority over your life, the selection must possess certain essential qualities:

  • The person must not be afraid to disagree with doctors and family members
  • You must be able to trust them with your finances
  • The person should live in proximity to you to ensure they can act quickly
  • They should have a general understanding of healthcare
  • They must exhibit financial responsibility in their own lives
  • They must have time to devote to the process

Once you’ve decided on a person, you must conduct a frank and honest conversation with them. Even if they’re capable of handling the process, they may not be willing to.

Why Dependable Legal Assistance Is a Must

When it comes to establishing powers of attorney, our team at Walk-In Wills can help you make the best possible decision.

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