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How to Contest a Will in Gilbert, AZ

For over two decades, the compassionate and knowledgeable attorneys at Walk-In Wills have helped people create solid estate plans. We also know that estate planning can come with quite a few obstacles, particularly if your loved ones aren’t happy with the decisions featured in your will.

In fact, some heirs will even question the validity of a will, which may result in the document being contested. Because will contests can cause major snags in the dispersal of assets to beneficiaries, we ensure that our clients fully understand the process, and know the best methods for avoiding possible conflicts.

Why Are Wills Contested?

Will contests can occur for a few distinct reasons, such as:

  • Missing Assets – If major assets like properties or financial accounts aren’t present within the will, heirs may question its validity.
  • Multiple Versions of the Will – Beneficiaries may question which version is the most recent when there are numerous iterations of a will.
  • Issues with Legal Requirements – Wills created in Gilbert, AZ must follow state laws, and failure to do so can render them invalid.
  • Questions About Mental Capacity – Wills must be created by a person of sound mind, which means cognitive deficits can prevent a person from drafting a document that’s legally binding.

While there are lots of valid reasons why a person may choose to contest a will, only certain individuals are permitted to carry out the process.

Who Has the Right to Contest a Will?

People named as beneficiaries within the will and those who would be eligible to inherit assets if no will was available are allowed to contest the document in court. In this case, the individual contesting the will could file a petition with the probate court handling the processing of the estate.

How Can You Prevent a Will Contest?

Proper creation of a will can protect you and your estate from future conflict. In this case, be sure to keep the following points in mind:

  • Make certain that the document adheres to pertinent state laws
  • Update the will after major life events (such as marriage and divorce)
  • Inform beneficiaries of where they can find the most recent version of your will
  • Sign the document in front of at least two witnesses to ensure its legally binding
  • Consider adding a no-contest clause to dissuade heirs from contesting the document

Also, speaking with loved ones about the decisions contained in your will can be highly beneficial. While they may not fully agree with you, providing an understanding of your decision-making process will prevent claims of mental incapacity or coercion by another party.

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