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How to Create a Living Will in Gilbert, AZ

Along with ensuring your loved ones receive your assets according to your wishes after you’re gone, estate planning can also offer benefits while you’re still alive. For instance, a living will is a document that can assist you after a serious illness or injury by providing information on the type of healthcare you wish to receive.

Here at Walk-In Wills, we provide vital legal guidance to residents of Gilbert, Tempe, and Paradise Valley, AZ. Along with other essential tasks related to your estate, we can also help you draft a comprehensive and legally valid living will.

What Is a Living Will?

In the event of a life-threatening medical situation, you may not be able to speak with doctors. This can leave questions regarding your wishes when it comes to healthcare, which can make a stressful situation even more challenging.

That’s precisely where living wills come in. These documents provide directives on medical care to ensure your wishes are respected when you’re unable to communicate. Living wills contain information on all sorts of medical procedures, including:

  • Tube feeding
  • Medications
  • Dialysis
  • Ventilation
  • CPR
  • Organ donation
  • Palliative care

If you have questions about procedures, consult your primary care physician for more information on what they entail. With the right medical information, you can make an informed decision about the type of healthcare you receive.

What Benefits Do These Documents Offer?

Having a living will in place offers substantial peace of mind. With the document, you can rest assured that you’ll receive medical care according to your wishes if you’re unable to communicate. These documents also take some of the burden from your loved ones, who would need to make decisions on your behalf.

How Can You Create a Dependable Living Will?

The first step is to contact an attorney at Walk-In Wills to discuss your estate planning needs. Along with will and trust creation, we can also guide you when it comes to decisions about essential medical care.

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