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How to Create a Will in Gilbert, AZ

For more than 20 years, Walk-In Wills has helped people navigate the many complexities of estate planning. When it comes to will creation, we’ll ensure the final document meets all your needs. Our clients also appreciate our relaxed and stress-free process, as they can access high-level legal assistance without the complications often found at big firms.

Steps for Creating a Last Will and Testament

While our attorneys will guide you through the estate planning process step by step, you should also know what to expect when it comes to will creation:

  • Make a List of Assets – Assets typically include things like homes, vehicles, financial accounts, life insurance policies, retirement funds, and cash.
  • Decide Which Heirs Will Receive Assets – Heirs can be family, friends, co-workers, or charitable organizations. Along with naming heirs, you must also specify which assets they should receive.
  • Select an Executor and Guardian – Executors are responsible for carrying out the tasks related to your will, while guardians are people that will care for your children and manage their inheritance after you’re gone.
  • Contact an Experienced Attorney – Estate planning is often complex, so you must have the guidance of a seasoned attorney to assist you during the process.

Keep in mind that Walk-In Wills offers the benefit of over two decades of experience to clients throughout Gilbert, AZ and surrounding areas, including Peoria and Casa Grande.

Legal Requirements for Wills in Arizona

In Arizona, all wills must adhere to the following legal requirements:

  • The person creating the will must be at least 18 years old
  • They must be of sound mind and be able to make reasonable decisions
  • They must not be subject to coercion or undue influence
  • The document must be signed in the presence of two witnesses

Ensuring that these requirements are met can reduce the chance of a contested will, which can happen if heirs believe a will is not legally binding.

Fortunately, our attorneys at Walk-In Wills can provide information on these requirements and other essential topics related to will creation.

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