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A Guide to Special Needs Trusts in Gilbert, AZ

If you provide care to a disabled loved one in Gilbert, AZ, you’ll naturally have concerns about the person’s future after you’re gone. In this case, a special needs trust offers immense peace of mind to your family member and yourself.

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What Are Special Needs Trusts?

People with disabilities usually require supplemental benefits to cover daily living expenses. However, these benefits typically come with income thresholds, which can be impacted by the ownership of properties or financial accounts.

A special needs trust ensures that the disabled person has everything they need to survive. Placing assets into a trust means they’re not owned by the beneficiary. As a result, a person can rest assured they have continued access to essential benefits while also being in possession of other assets.

Are There Different Types of Trusts?

When it comes to estate planning for special needs, there are two types of trusts to consider:

First-Party Special Needs Trusts

These trusts are implemented by the person with special needs themselves. This option is usually best for people who experience a disability as an adult, as it ensures their financial needs will continue to be met even when they can no longer work.

Third-Party Special Needs Trusts

Third-party trusts are usually created by the caregiver of a person who has special needs. However, other parties and organizations can also contribute to these trusts as time goes on. When the original creator of the trust dies, a trustee takes over to manage the assets within the trust on behalf of the disabled person.

Do I Need an Attorney to Create a Special Needs Trusts?

Trusts are complex estate planning tools, which means it’s best to obtain professional legal help when creating them. Our attorneys at Walk-In Wills­ approach each client armed with more than 20 years of experience. As a result, we can help you develop a solid, legally binding trust that ensures you continue to care for a loved one, even after you’re gone.
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