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A Guide to Life Insurance Trusts Gilbert, AZ

Life insurance safeguards families against financial instability after a loved one dies. The proceeds from these policies can be used to cover medical bills, burial costs, college tuition, and daily living expenses for surviving family members. Because the stakes are so high, many people establish extra protection for their life insurance policies.

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Understanding Life Insurance Trusts

A type of irrevocable trust, life insurance trusts contain one asset: a person’s life insurance policy. In this case, the trust becomes the owner of the life insurance policy, which can offer several key benefits:

  • Greater control over how the funds from the life insurance policy are used
  • Protection against possible financial issues related to estate taxes
  • Assurance that loved ones will receive the asset after you’re gone

It’s possible to name a beneficiary on life insurance policies, which means that the person will receive the proceeds from the policy according to your wishes. However, a life insurance trust offers additional protections that aren’t available when naming a beneficiary on the policy itself.

How to Create a Life Insurance Trust

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