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A Guide to Wills in Gilbert, AZ

No matter your age, health status, or financial situation, you must have a will in place to protect your family. Keep in mind that wills not only provide directives on how your assets should be handled after you’re gone, but they can also make certain that your children have a guardian looking after their best interests should the unthinkable happen.

At Walk-In Wills, we offer clients throughout Gilbert, Tempe, and Glendale, AZ with vital assistance when it comes to your estate and assets. Much of our process revolves around the creation of wills, which is an essential aspect of estate planning.

Elements of a Will

While estate planning needs vary greatly from person to person, all wills must include the following important elements:

  • Your name and the names of any close relations you have (e.g., spouse and children)
  • The name of an executor, which is the person who will handle your estate after you die
  • The name of a guardian to help care for your children
  • Listing of assets and instructions on how they should be distributed
  • Listing of heirs and which assets they should receive

In Arizona, wills must be signed within the presence of at least two witnesses. Additionally, those creating the will must be at least 18 years of age and of sound mind.

How to Prevent Conflict Among Your Heirs

Heirs may choose to contest a will if they find fault with some aspect of it. For instance, an heir may claim that you were unduly influenced while creating the document or that there’s a newer version of the will that takes precedence.

While we can assist your executor should an heir choose to contest your will, there are steps you can take to minimize conflict before it happens:

  • Talk with your loved ones about the information contained in your will and your thought process during estate planning
  • Add a no-contest clause that states heirs who raise objections will lose their claim to your assets
  • Use trusts to disperse assets directly to heirs
  • Make sure all the legal requirements are met when you’re creating the document

It’s possible to create a will on your own, but it’s not recommended. Even people with simple estates may run into issues during will creation. In this case, securing professional legal assistance from seasoned attorneys is the best course of action.

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